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In the world of Celestia, the people believe that a Celestial God or Goddess watches over them. This Celestial protects them. But what happens when the Celestial that everyone knows exists, begins to lose their power? In this tropical world, Stars are sacred. When the stars feel threatened by an unknown evil power, the Great Celestial must use their very last bit of power to send a young hero on a quest to save them. 

To save the stars you must collect the five different types of Stardust. These five are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. You have been given a special power. That power is the ability to create stars. As you embark on your quest to save the stars, you will face powerful challenges. To help you complete those challenges, every time you create a new star using this power, you will gain another magical ability to use in battle.

Meet the Main Characters:

Aria: The Great Celestial's Chosen One

Atticus: The Loyal Friend

Lizzy: The Stardust Expert

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits in the world of Celestia! 

Play Starlight today!

Install instructions

1: Open the .ZIP file

2: Extract the folder Starlight.

3: Run the .EXE file to play.


Starlight (Windows).zip 541 MB
Starlight (Mac).zip 542 MB

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Woop Woop~

This game was awesome!

The graphics were really nice and the music was very fitting. The story itself was really cool too! The battles and their mechanics  were fun but slightly tedious and the first one was a bit hard (I have died 3 times before succeeding, but it was quite fun.) Sometimes the dialogue seemed to be a bit slow to appear but over all the game was very good.

I hope you'll make more games like these in the future, I'll be looking forward to them!

I am so glad you enjoyed it!

This looks really good!  

Thank you! Hope you enjoy playing it!