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100 years prior to the present time, the stars in the night sky began to mysteriously disappear. No one knew what was going on but one thing was absolutely certain. The people of the world of Celestia were in need of a protector. The Great Celestial heard their pleas and created the very first Starlight Mage. 

Starlight Mages can be described as people with incredible magical abilities. The light given off by the stars in the sky are the source of their magic. 

Now, fast forwarding a century later, there are now thousands of Starlight Mages throughout the lands protecting the good people. However, a Starlight Mage's ultimate responsibility is to protect the stars in the sky.

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Woop Woop~

This game was awesome!

The graphics were really nice and the music was very fitting. The story itself was really cool too! The battles and their mechanics  were fun but slightly tedious and the first one was a bit hard (I have died 3 times before succeeding, but it was quite fun.) Sometimes the dialogue seemed to be a bit slow to appear but over all the game was very good.

I hope you'll make more games like these in the future, I'll be looking forward to them!

I am so glad you enjoyed it!

This looks really good!  

Thank you! Hope you enjoy playing it!